Friday, November 4, 2011

Stone Double Bastard Ale - Stone Brewing Company - Escondido, CA

I have been looking forward to this gem for quite awhile. Not only does the Stone Brewing Company produce some of the finest brews around, but the Double Bastard is considered legendary. It's one of the most talked about brews this year..hell, any year for that matter. Stone is one of the many things that I truly miss about the West Coast, and the Double Bastard is what I miss the most about Stone. I am in for a treat tonight, and like a kid in a candy store, I'm anxiously awaiting this brew. Here's what the website had to say:


This is one lacerative muther of an ale. It is unequivocally certain that your feeble palate is grossly inadequate and thus undeserving of this liquid glory...and those around you would have little desire to listen to your resultant whimpering. Instead, you slackjawed gaping gobemouche, slink away to that pedestrian product that lures agog the great unwashed with the shiny happy imagery of its silly broadcast propaganda. You know, the one that offers no challenge, yet works very, very hard to imbue the foolhardy with the absurd notion that they are exercising ‘independent’ thought, or attempts to convey the perception it is in some way ‘authentic’ or ‘original.’ It’s that one that makes you feel safe and delectates you into basking in the warm, fuzzy, and befuddled glow of your own nescience. Why so many allow themselves to be led by the nose lacks plausible explanation. Perhaps you have been so lulled by the siren song of ignorance that you don’t even notice your white-knuckle grip on it. You feel bold and unique, but alas are nothing but sheep, willingly being herded to and fro. If you think you are being piqued in this text, it is nothing when compared to the insults we are all asked to swallow streaming forth from our televisions and computers. Truth be told, you are being coddled into believing you are special or unique by ethically challenged “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” marketers who layer (upon layer) imagined attributes specifically engineered to lead you by the nose. Should you decide to abdicate your ability to make decisions for yourself, then you are perhaps deserving of the pabulum they serve. Double Bastard Ale calls out the garrulous caitiffs who perpetrate the aforementioned atrocities and demands retribution for their outrageously conniving, intentionally misleading, blatantly masturbatory and fallacious ad campaigns. We demand the unmitigated, transparent truth. We demand forthright honesty. We want justice! Call ‘em out and line ‘em up against the wall... NOW.

First Release Date: November 2000

2011 Release: October 17th

ALC/VOL 10.5%
Availability: 22oz Bottles, 3 Litre Bottles, & Draft

A Brief History of Time...

• Stone Brewing Co. was founded in 1996 by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in San Marcos, CA. (In the spot where our friends at Port Brewing Company/The Lost Abbey now call home!)

• First keg of Stone Pale Ale sold on July 26, 1996 to Vince Marsaglia of Pizza Port fame

Arrogant Bastard Ale unleashed upon the world November 1, 1997

• Moved to our current facility in Escondido, CA, in December 2005

• Opened the adjacent Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in November 2006

• Named "All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth" by BeerAdvocate magazine in 2008…AND 2009! "The most popular and highest rated brewery – ever!"

• In December 2009, we published a formal Request For Proposal to evaluate potential sites for a brewhouse in Europe. We have narrowed the field from 79 different submitted locations (from nine different countries!) down to two—Berlin and Bruges—and hope to reach a final decision soon

• In May 2011, we unveiled huge local expansion plans, including Stone Company Store – South Park, Stone Farms, Stone Catering, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station (Spring 2012), and Stone Hotel (Early 2013)



WOW...what the hell did I just drink? If I didn't now better, I would have have thought that I had just poured and refreshed myself with the nectar of the Gods. This is an amazing brew. The pour gives way to a fantastic copper-red coloring, and a tight, thick head. It clearly is calling out to me. I must answer the call. The first impression that you get is a little heavy on the alcohol, but that quickly gives way to a beautiful hoppy finish. Every sip brings a melody of complexity, as you're smacked around by this bag of marbles. OUTSTANDING! I think that at present, I've only had one other perfect ten, but I think that I just found my second one. A truly legendary brew.


10/10 - A Legend

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