Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What your beer of choice say's about you guys.

93 ROCK of Wisconsin has done the impossible…they’ve categorized men by what brand of beer they chose to consume. It’s a pretty accurate list, but it does fail to address those who chose Craft Beers. I guess that puts us in a class by ourselves. Enjoy the labeling.

Budweiser: The All-American

Men who choose Budweiser tend to be sensible, grounded, and practical. They enjoy living in the moment and aren't ones to plan in advance. They dislike the concept of authority and aren't afraid to "live outside the box," bearing a similar resemblance to the pioneer himself, Adolphus Busch.

Blue Moon: The Tree Hugger

People who drink Blue Moon tend to have an attitude that what they're drinking is above what you're drinking, and you're not worthy of it, or capable of understanding why. They despise moral authorities and take pleasure in sarcastically criticizing the world around them, offering no useful solutions. Your best chances of spotting them are while they're driving their hybrid car, shopping for organic food, surfing the Web on their Mac Book Pro, or hugging a tree.

Heineken: The Poser

Men who drink Heineken are an absolute catch. Their taste for luxury clothes, fancy cars, and fine dining is something the rest of us can only dream of. They're always up-to-date with the latest technologies and will enthusiastically tell you about them. If you believe them when they tell you how smart, good looking, and successful they are (yes, them, not you), give them 110 percent of your undivided attention, then you're bound for a relationship full of eternal bravado and bliss.

Bud Light: The Frat Boy

Bud Light drinkers tend to be outgoing and easy to get along with, making for a great personality to be with in a social setting. But be forewarned; they also lack a certain sensibility when it comes to risk-taking and carefulness, so if you spend too much time with them you, too, may end up crossing the lines of socially acceptable behavior.

Corona: The Party Animal

Always expect something extra when hanging out with Corona drinkers; these people are energetic, fun, and the life of the party. They'll make strangers feel like friends, and perhaps some friends feel like lovers. While their extroverted personality may be a little much for a Tuesday night happy hour, give them a chance because they're likely hiding an altruistic side that's yearning to come out.

Michelob Ultra: The Ultra … OK

There's nothing ultra good or ultra bad about this guy. He's likely hip and handsome, but at times a bit conceited; he can be confrontational and at times controlling, but we like a man with a strong opinion. He's also more likely than the average person to consider sustainability a priority, so if you can get him to make sustaining you a priority, we don't see any ultra red flags.

Abstainers: The Bore

(If you opt out of drinking for health reasons, please exclude yourself from the following description.)

Shockingly, people who refuse beer are boring, no fun, and socially useless. A study by Mindset Media actually revealed that abstainers are more likely than the average person to be uptight and view issues as black and white. So, whether or not you have a drink in your hand, always remember to put some personality into your life.

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