Monday, April 9, 2012

Founders Brewing expanding distribution to upstate New York this spring

(Grand Rapids, MI) – A spokesperson with Founders Brewing confirmed that the company plans to expand distribution in parts of upstate New York next month. Update: Though shipments may start in May, it is possible that the beer won’t arrive on shelves until June.

The company has already solidified agreements with two distributors where the beer ‘should’ start popping up next month. Founders is currently working on an agreement with five more distributors. 

The only part of New York where drinkers can currently find Founders’ beers is in/around New York City/Long Island where SKI Distributing handles the brand.

Founders opened distribution to Maryland Iowa and Rhode Island earlier this year after completion of a large expansion project. The brewery projects to brew 75,000 barrels this year and is greatly expanding its barrel program.

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