Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas Big Beer Brewery celebrates its first brewery tour

Craft brewing in Texas is an industry on the upswing. In the past year alone, the number of functioning breweries in the Lone Star State increased significantly and today, the total number of breweries and brewpubs in Texas is approximately 40 with dozens more in developmental stages. Now, we can chalk up yet another brewery to the growing list. The company is known as Texas Big Beer Brewery and it is about to celebrate its inaugural tour. Here are the facts:

Who: Texas Big Beer Brewery

What: First ever Brewery Tour

Where: 400 County Road 3136, Buna, Texas

When: Saturday, April 7, from 1pm to 3pm.

Why: To celebrate the grand opening of Texas latest brewery

Texas Big Beer Brewery has been a work in process for some time. Founded by John and Tammy McKissack, the brewery has recruited the talents of Robert Hebert and Raybo Marlow and has been working steadily to set up equipment, perfect the products, issue information to the public through the Texas Big Beer website and Facebook, and otherwise complete the necessary preparation to sell its beer to the public.

Texas Big Beer Brewery is aiming for the premium market and a quick look at the products this brewery has already brewed or plans to brew reveals an obvious fact: Texas Big Beer Brewery really is about being BIG! Each of the malt beverage products in the lineup contains a minimum of 10 percent alcohol by volume and one of the beers in the planning stages exceeds 20 percent alcohol by volume. This isn’t your daddy’s Pabst Blue Ribbon, folks- this is extreme beer made for discerning tastes.

Texas Big Beer Brewery is already selling its bottled products in a limited number of stores and so far, the beer has been a huge hit, selling out completely in every location. At the time, the plans are to distribute to more locations in and around the Beaumont, Texas area. Texas Big Beer Brewery products are not sold in the Houston area (yet!) but as the business grows, the radical brew is likely to make its way westward and will eventually wind up in Houston area taverns and retail outlets.

Texas Big Beer Brewery has been planning, developing, and building its brewing operation for some time and the patience and hard work have finally paid off. For now, the tours are free and will likely remain that way for a while, but not indefinitely. Saturday, April 7 is your chance to witness a moment of history when Texas Big Beer Brewery opens to the public for the first time. The brewery is located about 125 miles east/northeast of downtown Houston, near the Louisiana border, so it is certainly out of the way for the majority of Texas residents. But if you like extreme brew and want to sample beer like no other, consider making the drive over to Buna, Texas and discover what full- flavored, full- strength beer is all about.

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