Monday, April 16, 2012

Top 10 Beer Websites in 2012

According to, the Top 10 Beer websites have been identified for 2012. Here's the article laying them out (Not too many surprises here):

The top beer websites are based on the Alexa website rankings that are released weekly/monthly and quarterly. I look at the quarterly stats when reviewing these types of websites as it gives you growth over 3 months. I recently ran a Top 30 List for 2012 beer websites.

It is no surprise that the large beer companies have high-ranking websites due to the sheer volume and size, where as smaller websites that are likely run from basements or spare rooms of the creators are the ones that are biggest surprise. In terms of country usage we can see the US, Europe and Japan all share the top ranking websites.

As a beer lover I use all sorts of major websites for beer information and use blogs to read about what other beer lovers enjoy about beer festivals, bars or beer trends. Beer Trends is what I enjoy reading about and to my surprise it was a previous post of mine from BlogCritics that comes up #1 in Google rankings for 'Craft Beer Trends'.

Beer Advocate is a beer Website that is the global leader in Beer Information, Contains Reviews and Beer Communities. Setup by Jason and Todd Alstrom, based in Massachussets US. Primarily a US based audience but with Global Beer information.

Home Brew Forums a Beer Website is for homebrewers to share and discuss beer recipes and forums. This has a high return usage by members for the community of beer lovers who brew beer.

3. is a site that is the competitor to Beer Advocate in terms of beer information. Though I view them as complimentary in terms of beer knowledge and data. They release 'TOP 50 lists' every year and provides great data insights for beer lovers like myself. I recently reviewed the 2009-2011 Top 50 lists released by RateBeer.

Kirin is a Japanese brewery and the primary audience is in the Japanese market with 99.8% of audience based in Japan. Kirin is a subsiduary of Mitsubishi Motors that make cars, fridges and a range of other appliances. 23% of all Kirin Beer produced is exported abroad.

Sapporo brewery has 5 breweries in Japan and also owns Sleeman Brewery in Canada. They are famous for creating a 'Space Beer' in 2006, and seemingly having their beer on nearly every flight I'm on.

Murphy’s is an Irish Brewery that is owned by larger Brewer Heineken. The brewer is renowned for their Irish Stout. This is actually one of my favored stouts when in an Irish pub with limited Craft Beer selection. The Dry stout is often many people's first stout other than Guinness.

Beer in the Evening is the largest UK based beer website. Consistently one of the top ranking beer websites globally in my continuous website analysis surveys that I do for fun.

Stella Artois The name of Stella is global as is the brewer that owns it AB INbev based in Leuven Belgium. Many people don't know this, but Stella was the original Christmas beer released only at certain times of the year. It was released to celebrate winter, and it now has a lot of competition from limited release Christmas beers.

9.Guinness is the largest distributed stout in the world, its origins started in Ireland and now there would not be an Irish pub globally without Guinness on Tap. Owned by Diageo the spirits super giant.

McMenamins Breweries is a small brewpub consortium in Portland Oregon with whom has 50 breweries within the city limits. McMenamins is always in the 10 globally for beer websites which is a huge achievement for an Oregon brewpub with the names like Deschutes and Rogue Brewery in the same city.

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