Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dales’s Pale Ale – Oskar Blues Brewing Company – Longmont, CO

I have been a fan of Dale’s Pale for quite awhile now. It’s that comfortable beer that I keep coming back to whenever I’m indecisive at the brew shop. There are only a few of these “Standards” for me, and Dale’s is right there with the best of them. There’s a lot to love about Dale’s Pale Ale. The fact that it’s distributed in a can makes it the best option for camping trips, it’s highly portable, and how about the fact that they beat out two other Craft Breweries to become the first Craft Beer served on a major airline. The airline is Frontier, and you can read about the selection process at http://www.milehighbeer.com/content/dales-pale-ale-wins-seat-frontier-airlines.
Anyway, Dale’s is one hell of a good brew, and I finally get the chance to put finger to keyboard, and give it a proper review. So sit back, grab a Dale’s, and let’s get this show underway.


America’s first hand-canned craft beer is a voluminously hopped mutha that delivers a hoppy nose, assertive-but-balanced flavors of pale malts and hops from start to finish. First canned in 2002, Dale’s Pale Ale is a hearty (6.5% and 65 IBUs), critically acclaimed trailblazer that has changed the way craft beer fiends perceive canned beer.


Abv: 6.5%
IBU: 65




This is one great beer. The pour is thick, producing a very strong head. The coloring is golden, but not watery. The aroma immediately catches you off guard. It’s very floral, with hints of citrus that seem to linger forever. Upon the first sip, you realize just how refreshing this brew is. But the body and fullness of the beer is what sells me. You get this really full-bodied flavor that just cannot be beat. Do yourself a favor and grab a Dale’s if you can find it. You absolutely will not be disappointed, and you won’t feel guilty about it, because you’re doing your part to save the planet by turning to a canned Craft Beer.


9.5/10 – Wonderful

Check out this Video highlighting Dale's Pale Ale

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