Thursday, June 20, 2013

DC Brau “The Corruption” – The DC Brau Brewing Company – Washington, D.C.

Living in the Pacific Northwest is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we have some of the freshest Craft Beers on the planet. With that comes a variety of brew that will certainly keep me on my toes for years to come. But on the other hand, we often are left out of the loop when it comes to other fantastic offerings across the Country. That’s why whenever I’m away on business; I try me best to sample the local favorites. Recently, I was in Washington, D.C., so I figured that I would seek out their favorite. The local MLS Team here is DC United, and their official Brew comes from the DC Brau Brewing Company. Being in town only a short while, I figured that I would hit up their IPA. Here’s what the web had to say:



The Corruption™ IPA is DC Brau's take on a Pacific Northwest IPA. (hmm, whatever)

Brewed with Pale 2 row, C-10, Honey and Victory malts. Exclusively hopped with 40 lbs of Columbus hops per brew to ring in at 80 IBU.

"The Corruption" comes in at 6.5% ABV. This beer straddle's the line between IPA and Imperial IPA and has a supportive malty backbone with an assertive hop presence that smacks your mouth with a dank, resinous bitterness followed by pleasant aroma's of pine sap and burnt spruce.

Can Factoids:

2012: "In 1824, Speaker of the House Henry Clay forged a coalition that secured the White House for John Quincy Adams. In return, Adams named Clay as his secretary of state in what became known as 'The Corrupt Bargain'."


Tours & Growler Hours

Tours & Tastings:

- FREE tours & tastings will be held on most Saturdays*.
- There is no reservation required for small parties, and participation is first-come, first-served.
- Tastings of our current product line are available for participants ages 21 and older though the tour is open to all ages.
- Tasting samples may only be consumed inside the brewery, and may NOT be taken outside.
- Parking is available in our private lot.


-  We fill both DC Brau growlers as well as growlers from other breweries and brew pubs.
- We sell DC Brau 64oz growlers on-site, if you don't have your own already
- We are able to fill both "standard" 64oz growlers and 32oz "half" growlers.
- We can now fill both screw-top and flip-top growlers.
- Pleased be advised that regular growler prices are for growlers that contain around 64 to 67 fluid ounces - and you will be charged extra for full-gallon growlers.
- The staff reserves the right to determine if a container is suitable or not for filling.
- Important: Filled growlers are for take-home only, and may NOT be consumed on-premises.


- *Hours are typically 12-4pm, Saturdays. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for schedule changes.
- Tours will be held at 1:00, 2:00, & 3:00.

What to bring:

- Visitors planning to participate in the brewery tour MUST wear closed-toe shoes.
- A government-issued photo ID.
- We accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash. Please contact us for current prices.
- Location: 3178-B Bladensburg Rd. NE, Washington D.C. 20018
- The DC Brau brewery is located behind the post office. You will need to go down the alley and turn right. Please be mindful of where you are parking, and don't park in spaces reserved for other businesses.



Here’s the problem…I live in the Pacific Northwest. So when a Brewery makes claims that a particular brew is their “version” a Northwestern Brew…my expectations go up. First off, the waitress at Blackfinn’s ( knew nothing about beer. I asked for the IPA, and she almost brought me their Pale Ale. I know that they don’t speak for the Brewery, but it was worth mentioning. Anyway, after a quick lesson, I was treated to their version of a Northwestern IPA. In truth, I was not impressed. The head was weak, and the taste reminded of the weakest IPA in the Northwest. Their was no bold taste, and although it was better that a Bud Light, it was nothing to write home about. In the end, it was pretty average, and one that I can get in any bar, in Anywhere, USA.


6.5/10 – Average

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